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To build a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, MegaPush strongly recommends You to read carefully its Rules and Customer Agreement, before joining it. The current Customer Agreement is a contract between You and Megapush Advertising Network. Take into account that any clause and/or provision of the current Agreement may be amended without additional notice.

General provisions

  • 1.1

    Advertisers who have registered an account on www.megapu.sh and use the Network to launch advertisement campaigns, are MegaPush’s partners (“Users”).

  • 1.2

    It is mandatory to accept the following rules to join MagaPush Advertising Network.

    The Administration may prevent any advertiser from working on the net without any explanation or indication of the reason.

    Not only has the Administration the right to deprive the user of the possibility to register on the website and/or create campaigns, but also it may ban the ad campaigns or accounts without further explanations of the reasons.

    MegaPush’s Administration does not pledge to explain the advertisers the reasons of bans on ads.

  • 1.3

    The Administration of the Advertising Network may, in its sole discretion, and at any time, modify these rules. Every partner assumes the sole responsibility for periodically reviewing those rules. The content of the current rules includes all the instructions published on the website of the Advertising Network.

  • 1.4

    The Administration of the Advertising network does not assume any liability whatsoever for the consequences resulting from user account hacking.

It is mandatory for every partner to limit the access by third-parties to the account, and, by all means, assist the Administration in maintaining the right of exclusive use of that account.
Any violation of the rules, specified under the relevant section, will result in banning the account with all money frozen inside.
In case of receiving a warning about violation and ignoring it – the account will be banned. Any attempt to deceive the moderation, change the pre-landing page or turn it off, and send adult ads will result in banning the account.
This applies to all the rules of the Advertising Network.

Fundamental rules of use of the advertising network

Prohibited materials

  • 2.1

    Advertisements created on Megapush Advertising Network should not contain illicit or illegal content specified by its rules, including the following:

    • Images and texts, used to create an advertising campaign, must fully comply with the advertising material and reality.
    • Images and texts, used in advertisement, should not contain political, religious, sexual or any such materials.
    • It is categorically forbidden to use images or texts with shocking content or intimidating tactics.
    • It is prohibited to use profanity/curse words in the image, title and/or in the message of the campaign.
  • 2.2

    It is forbidden to use images and texts of an excessively sexual nature, draw one’s attention to the naked body parts, using close-up shots. The images and text materials of an erotic (pornographic) nature are absolutely forbidden.

    • It is strictly prohibited to use adult (18+) content in any form (images, texts, landings, pre-landings).
    • A threefold violation of this rule will lead to account nullifying and blocking.
  • 2.3

    Materials, containing elements and/or propaganda of violence, harassment of an individual or a group of individuals, as well as materials instigating victimization or intimidation.

  • 2.4

    Materials, advocating enmity, hatred, as well as discriminatory or disparaging attitude towards an individual or a group of individuals based on racial, national, religious and sex differences, and marital status.

  • 2.5

    Materials containing description and/or propaganda of consumption of narcotic drugs and anything related to that topic are inadmissible.

  • 2.6

    Materials, related to the advertisement or sale of ammunition and/or weapons, such as combat knives, firearms and their components, explosive mechanisms and/or explosive materials and their components.

  • 2.7

    The content of the advertisement must necessarily be in the language of the respective region.

  • 2.8

    It is forbidden to create exactly the same campaigns.

    Campaigns are not considered as the same, if they differ by:

    • Mobile – an icon and a title, a title and a message, an icon and a message.
    • Desktop - a picture and a title, a title and a message, a picture and a message.
    Campaigns should have at least 50% difference.
  • 2.9

    It is forbidden to exchange accounts in the megapush system. Any account exchange: sale, transfer, gift, is forbidden.

    Accounts that violate this rule, will be blocked instantly. The balance will not be returned.

  • 2.10

    It is not allowed to advertise the following offers through Megapush Advertising Network:

    • The questionnaire-landing pages offering a prize or an amount of money for a poll.
    • Other fraudulent websites.
  • 2.11

    It is absolutely forbidden to advertise websites with single or double opt-in forms aimed to collect push subscriptions. Those accounts that violate this rule, will be blocked instantly.

  • 2.12

    All the threatening or alarming texts, creatives and landing pages, as well as malicious software, virus programs, phishing offers, and “tech support” landings intended to damage and/or disable the system (the device) or simply mislead people, are forbidden.

    Advertisements should not contain such words as “virus”, “threat”, "danger", or any analogical ones.

    Yet, advertisements about system-protection, antivirus offers, texts and creatives offering to check or ascertain the accuracy, quality, or satisfactory condition of the device (system, browser), are allowed.

    The advertisements on antivirus software programs, accelerators and other similar offers are not allowed on feed9 (TubeCorporate), feed26 (Kadam), and feed35 (PropellerAds).

  • 2.13

    It is forbidden to use contact information and e-mail containing insulting words of all kinds. These accounts will be instantly blocked. The balance will not be returned.

  • 2.14

    Insult and profanity towards technical support staff, employees of the company and/or management will lead to account blocking. The balance will not be returned.

The partner will receive a warning notice if any of the provisions, mentioned above, is repeatedly violated. In case there is no response to those warnings and no appropriate corrective measures are applied to the ad content, the User’s account will be blocked with all its means.
The detection of any system vulnerabilities with subsequent use for one’s own purposes, without notifying the Administration about it, entails permanent account blocking

Payment information

  • 3.1

    To join the Advertising network, the user has to replenish the balance. The minimum amount of replenishment is $100.

  • 3.2

    Each advertiser may use the following payment systems: WebMoney, ePayments, Bitcoin, Paypal. Other payment systems are as well available.

    For more information on replenishment options, please consult the respective section of FAQ

    There is NO REFUND!

Final provisions

  • 4.1
    Under the terms of the cooperation, the User agrees that, in accordance with the Rules, the Administration of the Advertising Network does not provide guarantees regarding the number of impressions of any advertising materials, number of clicks the respective ads receive, and the time of their placement.
  • 4.2
    The Administration does not guarantee the constant and effective performance of the Advertising Network at any time including the periods of downtime, conditioned by:
    • Equipment failures caused by Users, Advertising Network or third-parties.
    • Scheduled preventive maintenance
    • Circumstances which cannot be controlled by the Network Administration
  • 4.3

    The Administration of the Advertising Network is not responsible or liable for the accuracy of the ads’ content and efficiency of the URLs published on the Advertising Network.

    Moreover, the Administration does not guarantee the quality of the websites or products mentioned or used in the advertising materials.

    The Advertising network is not responsible for the accuracy of the information posted on the user’s websites.

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