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Frequently Asked Questions

MegaPush provides “push-notifications” ads, which is available for both mobile and desktop devices.

Additional push-formats:

  • Click to call – push-notification, which dials the phone number you mentioned. After receiving the notification, the user is invited to make a call on this number.
  • Click to SMS – push-notification, by clicking on which the text and the phone number are generated in the subscriber’s phone. SMS will be sent to the mentioned number after confirmation of the subscriber.

The campaign is started immediately after the moderation and starts to work according with its settings.

The system works on CPC (cost-per-click) basis.

While creating a campaign (after choosing the GEO and the device) there are 4 CPC values displayed.

  • Fast start price
  • Standard start price
  • Minimal start price
  • Minimum bid for creation (Minimum bid for creating a campaign, receiving traffic is not guaranteed).

All bids in the system are dynamic and can be changed several times within a minute.

While choosing a mobile carrier the bids can be changed, depending on the quantity of campaigns on the chosen carrier.

The minimal price for click is 0.1 cents.

CPC can be set only in cents, i.e. CPC 5.00 (5 cents)

We accept any creative, which do not contradict the rules. You can get acquainted with the examples in Rules

There are no restrictions regarding the quantity of campaigns.

No, creating absolutely the same creatives is not allowed.

The network provides traffic for all countries.

Feed provides traffic from another advertising network connected to MegaPush. The feed makes it possible to use a third-party user base with a single balance.

Each feed can be disabled or combined with other feeds.

MegaPush, as the main feed, has the largest subscriber base, more than 80%. On other feeds the number of subscribers is much less.

You can always check the clickability of your push on third-party feeds with a small amount of traffic base, and after finding the most choosing the most successful and working push, connect it to the main feed.

The block list works through the sourceid. This macro is transferred from the source in the format of numbers. If you need to block the corresponding number, you need to indicate the number in the appropriate field of the company, and it will subsequently be disabled.

  • High speed: with a balance of $1000 and more the sending speed is 100%.
  • An average speed: with a balance lower than $1000 and higher than $500 the sending speed is 50%.
  • Minimum speed: with a balance lower than $500 the distribution speed will increase to 10%.

This field indicates the amount of campaign spending reaching upon which the campaign will be stopped by the system. All pushes that were sent before the stop will continue to receive clicks until the last user who received your push clicks on it.

This field indicates the limited number of clicks reaching upon which the campaign will be stopped by the system. All pushes that were sent before the stop will continue to receive clicks until the last user who received your push clicks on it.

To understand the mechanism of the distribution, you need to read the following:

Suppose the system sends 10.000 notifications, waits for a while and sends 10.000 more, and so on. When your account balance gets close to 0, the system stops sending new notifications, but do not forget about previous notifications sent. Some of the users haven’t seen the notification yet (left smartphone somewhere, notification is sent to PC at home, etc.) This means that they will click on notification much later than an average user. Thus, you will receive clicks after your campaign has been stopped. Also, do not forget, that the higher your bid is the more clicks you will receive after your campaign has been stopped.

For better budget planning set the max. budget of your campaign 10-20% lower than you actually are planning to spend.

Push notifications are being sent according to the time zone of subscribers. Sending time is from 07:00 to 24:00 for mobile devices. During the creation of the campaign, it is possible to set up the timer of distribution within the specified time range.

For charging your account in megapush system there are many different ways.
  • Transfers via InterKassa service:

    • Multiple payment services are supported.
    • Instant account refill.
    • Additional fee from service.
Direct transfers:
  • WIRE transfers:

    • When choosing this refill method, you fill out the form in the appropriate section, then receive invoice on account e-mail address.
    • After the payment is made, the account will be charged in 7 working days. (Account charging depends on banks activity).
    • In case of incorrect notes during the transfer, incorrectly filled wire (invoice) transfer, 5% of your deposit amount will be deducted.
  • Transfers via Bitcoin and Capitalist:

    • Direct transfers of funds with automatic refill. There may be delays in the processing of the transfer.
  • Transfers via WebMoney and Epayments:

    • Direct transfers of funds that are being refilled manually. There may be delays in the processing of the transfer.
    • In case of incorrect notes during the transfer 5% of your deposit amount will be deducted.
  • Transfer via PayPal service:

    • Direct transfer of funds with automatic refill.
    • PayPal payments are subject to 4% fee based on the top-up amount.
    • For new accounts with the first deposit via PayPal service, PayPal account needs to be checked. Verification takes up to 7 days.

You will receive 3% of the charging amount of the user registered in the system by your referral link.

Moderation is carried out around-the-clock, within 30 minutes from the moment of sending the campaign to moderation.

You can contact with the support team of the network through the Live Chat on the main page. The support is available 24/7.

  • Mon – Fri: 08:00 – 17:00 (GMT+3)
  • Sat: 08:00 – 13:00 (GMT+3)

  • When replenishing the account on below specified amounts, you will earn points, which can later be credited to your account’s balance:
    • $ 500 - 1 MP
    • $ 1000 - 3 MP
    • $ 3000 - 10 MP
    • $ 5000 - 20 MP
    • $ 10000 - 50 MP
  • 1 MP = 15$. The minimum value for exchange is 10 MP.
  • You need a VIP status to change your MPs (the VIP status is automatically given to the users who spent $20.000 and more on the network).